Apr 2009 – Easter Blessings

At last the garden is springing into life. The grass has had its first cut and the fuchsia hedge, which runs around our boundary, is no longer brown twigs, but flushed with vibrant green growth. It seemed to happen overnight. We’ve had lovely weather in fact, it’s been so dry that the pond as dried up, much to the ducks distain. Feathers (the female duck), has been laying an egg every day. They are about the size of chicken’s eggs, but blue and much heavier, with a richer yolk – great for cakes. We tried to hatch some in the Stanley, but it wasn’t successful. Now we are trying plan B, we’ve put them under Clive our old black cat who spends about 22 hours a day in his basket. He’s a real softy and wouldn’t hurt a fly. We’ll test them next week with a torch to see if any are developing. It’s a shame Feathers won’t sit on her eggs, but her and the three drakes are always out and about in the garden.   

We saw our first hare of the year today on Easter Sunday, very appropriate! Last year a huge hare sat on top of the outcrop behind the Gallery. We are just waiting for the arrival of the swallows. It is usually about the last week of April. Some years they nest in the old barn and their flying acrobatics is a sight to behold – gliding at speed through the opening in the top of the barn. Once they arrive it really heralds the summer.  

Vegetable wise we’re under attack by slugs. They’ve eaten all the asparagus and I’m not sure if it is them or the ducks that have had a go at the swiss chard in front of the Croft. Every now and again the ducks go on raids. I’ve tried seaweed to discourage the slugs as well as ash from the fire and gravel, but to no avail.  

The cottages have been busy for Easter and we have been blessed with beautiful sunshine. A neighbour told me that the fishermen on Heir Island are predicting a dry summer and if you can’t believe a fisherman, who can you believe!

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