August 2012 – Fattening the Pigs

The pigs are now enormous. When the farmer gave them to me
he said, ‘They just eat a hand-full of barley a day.’ Now 3 months later
they’re going through a 25kg bag of pig pellets and the same of barley a week.
And it shows, they are huge and so strong. I’ve had to use breeze blocks to
hold down the stock wire to prevent them tunnelling underneath and every day
they have fun moving the blocks, the strength of their snouts is astounding.

Although they have grown into solid muscle they still remain the
sweet natured little pigs that came to me in the spring. They are always pleased
to see me, never show any signs of aggression, although Daisy’s squeals at tea-
time can alarm visitors. They are so kind to each other, Daisy was washing
Blackberry’s face yesterday and every morning when I go to feed
them at 8am I find them cuddled up together in their pigs sty. Daisy is always
up first, whilst Blackberry likes to wait until the food appears. Next week I
need to build them a new pen down the far end of the orchard where it is drier
and more sheltered. Their summer residence is now too shaded and its getting
quite water logged. I’ve just got to sum up the energy to do it!

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