June 2012 – The pigs have arrived

The vet has been and we passed! The pigs have arrived. They’re so cute. We got them from a neighbour who breeds rare breed Saddleback pigs and he happened to mention that he had two pigs that had never grown – the runts of the litter. They are 7 months old, but only look like 10 week old weaners. Daisy is black and white and looks like a saddleback, and Blackberry is all black with pink feet. With names like that you’ve probably guessed we’re hardly going to be eating them. It’s just their manure that I’ll be making use of. They’re
real characters. Daisy is quite shy, where as Blackberry is a complete extrovert unashamedly rolling over to have her belly rubbed. Blackberry has the biggest appetite and now there is quite a difference in their sizes. They are really quite clean animals and don’t soil their bedding and they seem to enjoy the shower I give them in the mornings when filling their water. However, their beautiful little shady copse originally fully of long grass and overgrown veg, has within the month been reduced to something not unlike the Battle of the Somme. They’re even digging trenches! I hadn’t realised what fantastic rotavators they were. In the autumn, I’ll move their pen to the other end of the orchard and they can clean the ground of brambles for me.

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