August 2011 – Summer Evenings at Rosscarbery

This summer when the work was done we headed off to the beach. We are creatures of habit and our favourite evening haunt was Rosscarbery.  It was the allure of fish and chips from Rocs, sand and all that won us over. Then to burn off the excess, races and kite flying along the white sands. As the evening draws in and the day trippers pack their bags and head home there is a lull when we virtually have the beach to ourselves. Then others arrive almost like shift workers – fishermen setting up their rods; horses being put through their paces; and lone joggers. The sound of the crashing waves and breathing the sea air is so therapeutic. I’m fortunate to have lived near the sea all my life and could not imagine being far from it. It brings a sense of peace and calm, of living in the now, but like all good things it comes to an end and it is time to head home, well almost ice-cream at Leap is calling us, just one more treat.

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