June 2011 – We’re expecting ducklings!

Two of our Khaki Campbell ducks are sitting on eggs. To begin with it was just one but then another one joined in. At first we thought they would never keep it up, as ducks are notoriously bad at sitting on eggs, but to our surprise they have hardly left the nest which grows bigger each day. Luckily they made their nest in the ‘girls’ duck house, they choose to sleep separately from the drakes. It takes about a month for duck eggs to hatch so their due date is mid July and its time we started making preparations for the ducklings. We’ve looked after ducklings before but not tiny ones and not with fully grown ducks around. The mother ducks are so protective of the eggs and make a great fuss when our other two female ducks go in at night. These two are so cute, they come to the back door in the evening when they want to go to bed and quack loudly to call me. One of them, a magpie/runner duck, is feeling broody too, she made a nest in a hole where I had been digging in the potato bed and laid some eggs alongside some green potatoes, but she doesn’t sit on it and the magpies keep taking the eggs. She’s in love with Lenny our other magpie/runner duck. Lenny is quite gentle with the girl ducks but the other three drakes are dreadful bullies. If anyone wants to give a home to three Khaki Campbell drakes just let me know. These three are all good friends and surprisingly drakes keep their duck house much cleaner than the girl ducks. They are pretty too and would look lovely as ornamental ducks on the lawn, but I’m sorry they won’t lay any eggs!

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