Feb 2011 – St. Brigid’s Day

1st of February marks the first day of spring in Ireland and throughout the nation’s primary schools the children are singing to St. Brigid.

After the hard winter the first signs of life in the garden are most welcome. The bulbs in the new borders are pushing up their heads – blue grape hyacinths and tete-a-tete daffodils. In the greenhouse the cuttings taken in the autumn of perennials and herbs are shooting up, but the frosts continue, so they will have to wait until March to be planted out. In hindsight the greenhouses should have been the first thing we built when we started creating a garden from a field, as one plant can be turned in to many by taking cuttings. And there’s nothing better on a crisp, cold, sunny morning than planting seeds in the greenhouse and planning the year ahead in the garden.

St. Brigid’s Day Song

“We sing a song to Brigid,

Brigid brings the spring,

Awakens all the fields and the flowers

and calls the birds to sing.”


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