Jan 2011 – Out with the old and in with the new

I love the New Year there’s something wonderful about being able to start afresh again and planning the year ahead. Last year I failed miserably in planting my vegetables at regular intervals and we had times of famine and feast! This will be our third year of homesteading and I am determined that we will achieve all our aims this year – opps was that my New Year’s resolution last year too? There will be no room for excuses this time, as we have invested in another greenhouse. It will be built on the site of the old barn. I feel sad to lose the barn. We looked at different options of patching it up, re-roofing etc, but the old frame made of tree trunks was turning to dust through dry rot at the base, so sadly we decided that if we didn’t take it down it would probably fall down in the next big storm. Our neighbours kindly helped us demolish it and we hope to reuse what we can – the decent metal sheets a neighbour is going to make pig arcs out of; the wood we will chop and store for the fires; the rocks from the foundations will be used to line the drive; and we need to find something to do with the old tree trunks, I don’t want to burn them, it doesn’t seem respectful somehow, as they held up the barn for so long – perhaps we will stack them in the orchard to provide a home for wildlife. Behind the barn we found traces of our predecessors  lives – bits of old farm implements; a plough and at a very opportune moment an anvil to split rocks; fishing nets with wooden borbels; and lobster pots with broken wicker work.

Knocking down the old barn has opened up a stunning view of the distant purple mountains and brought a feeling of light and space to the side of our cottage. Usually when we make changes we are putting things back to how they were long ago, in this case we are starting a new making our mark on the landscape.

New Year, new challenges and hope for the future – here’s to 2011.

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