Oct 2010 – Golden Sunsets

During the summer months the sun sets on the northern side of the valley behind the Gallery, but during a single week it moves across to the southern side, setting for a short period on the sea, marking the beginning of winter. Some years if the weather is poor we miss the transition of the sun, but this year we were treated to glorious golden sunsets and fiery red autumn skies.   

The farmers took advantage of the dry weather and set the land ablaze. Apparently burning heather uplands helps to release nutrients in to the soil to help grass grow. But without adequate fire breaks it can spread out of control through the flammable gorse. The fires burned day and night covering acres of land from Barlogue to Spain. Now the land is scorched and barren, but in the spring new shoots will sprout from the base of the black gorse and the heathers and ferns will return.

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