Sep 2010 – Love is in the air!

Lenny the Lonesome duck now has three female companions. I call them ‘Lenny and his Ladies’. The three Khaki Campbell drakes that didn’t get on with Lenny also now have a girl friend each, although with their loud quakes they’re more like ladettes. The lads aren’t too impressed and spend most of their time running away from them!

I’ve spent this month stewing apples, making chutney and picking blackberries, as well as planting trees. I visited a local nursery to buy some bare root trees and came away with 16 huge trees that had been reduced in price because they were pot bound. I couldn’t bear to see those majestic trees in tiny pots and just had to rescue them. Now they are all planted I can’t wait for next year for them all to come into leaf. Some of them are very unusual and come from China, Australia and the USA, not quite the native trees that I normally stick to but they should help to give our little acre a bit more shelter.

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