Jun 2010 – Killer Whales

This really is one of the driest years I can remember – the duck pond has dried up, we are having to water the garden most nights and have the blinds permanently drawn in the greenhouse to prevent the young plants being scorched. The good weather has also brought unexpected visitors to our shores. I know Ireland’s coastline is rich in whales and dolphins, but I was quite surprised when a couple staying with us said they had seen killer whales from the Beacon in Baltimore. I have to admit I was a bit sceptical, so I looked up Nic’s site www.whalewatchwestcork.com as I knew that he would have the latest info. Sure enough Killer whales had been reported by the Cape Clear Ferry. So it’s off to the Beacon to see if we can spot them too! The Beacon was built in the 19th Century as a signal tower and marks the entrance to Baltimore Harbour. To reach it you have to clamber up cliffs. There are no barriers, so it’s not very ‘health and safety’, but it’s worth it for the view, as from here you can see across the harbour to the ruined abbey on Sherkin Island.

To sit and watch the sailing boats; the ferry busy to and fro to the Islands; scanning the waves for the fins of dolphins or the amusement when, goodness knows how, a group of cows manage to wander up the cliffs to cool off on a hot day under the Beacon – a special place.  

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