Nov 2009 – Floods

November is usually spent trimming the hedges, turning out the compost heap and preparing the veg beds for the following year. But this year it rained and rained, not just the odd day, it seemed to rain for the whole month, culminating in the worst floods seen in Ireland for hundreds of years. We were fortunate as we are 200ft above sea-level, but for a week or more towns and roads throughout the region were seriously affected. We moaned about the rain, but when we heard the experiences on the radio of families who had fought to stem the flow of the rising water and lost the battle and had their homes and businesses destroyed our hearts and prayers went out to them. Their fighting spirit is to be admired – just a few days after the water had subsided I ventured into Skibbereen. Most of the shops had reopened, but the scares of the flood remained with tiles and carpets taken up. One shop even managed to see the humour in the situation with a big sign in the window saying ‘Sale – Clothes at washed out prices’.

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