Oct 2009 – Seed Harvest

The fine weather continued through the first half of October, in fact the weather was so fine that buds formed on the fruit bushes and the fuchsia hedges were speckled with flowers. We took advantage of the good weather and off we went to the beach at Toe Head to gather seaweed to fertilise the garden. The day was so warm that the local children had gone for an impromptu swim! The dry weather also made it ideal for harvesting the seeds from the fennel, nasturtium and camomile flowers. The fennel and camomile make a great herbal tea, whilst the nasturtiums pickled are very similar to capers – great on homemade pizza. The hedge along the drive was covered in plump red rosehips, which we gathered and made into rosehip syrup, before the hedge was trimmed for the winter and mulched with straw. 

But the big news this month was that we finally had the foundations laid for the greenhouse. We’ve never had a greenhouse before, so it’s a great adventure for us and hopefully we will be able to grow all the Mediterranean vegetables that up until now we have had to rely on the supermarket for.

Now at the end of the month the weather has turned and unfortunately the green house had to be put up in a terrible storm. I think we will have a long wait until it dries out so that we can weather proof it properly. As I write this on Halloween with the clocks gone back and the nights drawing in, the vegetable garden has treated us to two huge pumpkins 10 and 8 lbs in weight, which have been duly carved in to scary faces and the off cuts made into pumpkin soup to enjoy, after trick and treating, on a Halloween night by the fire.

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